We offer custom software development services to FinTech companies

We specialize in Python, NodeJS Express, React & AWS

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We can help you bring your vision to life - whether it's a mobile app or a Saas.

  • Industry-standard code quality & containerization
  • Weekly updates, documentation & training
  • Post-MVP support, to continue iterating on the product

We build Saas with the MERN Stack - NodeJS Express, React, MongoDB on Docker & deploy on AWS.


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We only work with proven, battle-tested & reliable tech stacks to reduce Time to Market.

NodeJS Express

We use NodeJS Express to build our APIs.

Support for SSO, Stripe Integration & unit tests are always included.


Figma UI mockups are implemented in React.

We use TailwindCSS for design. React Redux for state management.
Next.js for static site generation.


We build our microservices with Flask using Python.

Celery with RabbitMQ or Redis is used for task management. Django can be used if needed too.


All our code is strictly containerized with Docker.

We use Github Actions for CI/CD, deploy with Docker Compose or Kubernetes on request on AWS.

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